Our Story


Artificer was established in 2011 and for more than 6 years to date, we have been devoting ourselves to promoting “the Balance in Life” philosophy.  Our entire team strongly believes that in a rapidly evolving world dependent on technology.  By allowing our body to return to a natural and balanced state, slowing our pace and allowing ourselves to feel physical and mental changes is the key and first step towards a truly healthy lifestyle.

In 2009, Artificer’s research of natural minerals led to the successful development of our proprietary AERO Technology that decreases the effects of electromagnetic interference produced by technology on the human body.  Allowing bioelectricity, the body’s most fundamental operating system for sustaining life, to return to a balanced state and return the essence of our strength and coordination.

Artificer combines AERO Technology with carefully selected materials and processes meeting the utmost safety standards to create a range of uniquely designed health accessories which can be worn in a variety of settings: exercise, work, daily and for formal occasions.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will always be able to rest assured that the natural mineral benefits will offer you a peace of mind and total health.

In addition to meeting and surpassing many global safety standards, our products have also received many design awards.  Our aim is to create a new health aesthetic unique to Artificer.  Always adhering to an attitude of ensuring the utmost safety, real world practicality and the finest in unique design, to invite more people to experience this category of product.

Through personal experience, allowing The Balance in Life philosophy to become part of your lifestyle.

“Artificer is derived from old English and refers to a person, regardless of wealth, status or power, whose sole hard work, dedication and devotion is in achieving their goals.  In ancient times, such a person would be called Artificer.”

Our expectation is to become the Artificer of the health accessory industry.

Safety Standard Testing


Passed SGS Safety Standard Testing

 √ Received EU Children’s Toy Safety Standard EN71

 √ Passed EU Nickel Directive EN1811

 √ Anion Output Confirmation Report


Taiwan Textile Research Institute Test Report

√ Received Far Infrared Certification


Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council

 √ Received GAMA Spectroscopy Analysis


TÜV Reinland Certification

√ Received TUV Business Operation Certification



Floral Series

2013 Qualia Award


All Products Series

2013 Golden Pin Design Award