Artificer 品牌代言人

Chuang Chih-Yuan

2013 世界桌球錦標賽男雙冠軍
2012 倫敦奧運會男子單打殿軍

Brand Ambassador Introduction

Chuang Chih-Yuan

2013 World Table Tennis
Gold Medallist


Born into a table tennis family, Chuang Chih-Yuan first picked up a table tennis paddle in elementary school and started playing.During his start, his mother, Lee Kuei-Mei, a Table Tennis coach, noticed his dedication to the sport and she started to plan and train Chih-Yuan.His training caused him to have to abandon his early schooling many times, having to take hiatus from elementary, junior high and high school, where he made many trips to China to continue his training.Some of the time, he traveled alone.In 1999 he visited Europe to play and learned the western grip. These tough training forays honed and matured his techniques and allowed Chih-Yuan to have an enormous amount of experience playing which gradually garnered him an international title.

Starting at 6 years of age, Chih-Yuan has been playing and competing for about 30 years now.He has entered both big and small tournaments throughout his career and has competed in the Olympics and at his peak was ranked No. 3 in the world. However, an athlete’s career is never smooth and through this rough and bumpy journey he’s had his share of dazzling moments and also lows.His own perseverance and the unconditional support of his family has allowed him to continue to compete.

In addition to continuously improving his own skills, Chih-Yuan has spent a lot of time and resources in continuing this table tennis heritage.Located in Kaohsiung is the Chih-Yuan Table Tennis Club and is where he and his family are preparing the next generation of table tennis stars.Many young players are training at the club in hopes of realizing their own table tennis dreams and are continuing to swing their paddles hard!

My Choice and Experience of Artificer

Cooperation with Artificer is entering our fourth year, after so many years, I’m still benefiting from using Artificer products.

When talking about the product benefits. Some areas on my body are more prone to inflammation. This has increased with aging along with the different types of training and the time spent training. All of this has made my muscles much more prone to inflammation to the point where I need to stop training. Whether it’s Artificer’s bracelets or necklaces, they have helped in this area a lot by reducing the occurrence, and I have also felt improvement to my sleep quality. In addition to this, Artificer’s design, use of color and attention to details is something that I like very much.

However, Artificer has another meaning for me—a symbol of inspiration, which surpasses the benefits that the product offers me. As a result of the cooperation with Artificer, I am always seeking to become “an Artificer”. Sometimes during a match or when I’m confused, the power that the product offers is even more than the actual physical power to my body. This type of inspiration and meaning is quite useful for me.

Artificer Spokesperson
Table Tennis Athlete
2013 World Table Tennis Gold Medal Winner
Chuang Chih-Yuan

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