Artificer 品牌代言人

Hsu Shu-ching

2016 里約奧運女子舉重53kg 金牌
2012 倫敦奧運女子舉重53kg 金牌

Brand Ambassador Introduction

Hsu Shu-ching

2016 Rio Olympics Women Weightlifting Gold Medallist

Weightlifting to her is not just a sport, but her daily life.

Born in Yunlin County, loved sports from childhood and played basketball during elementary school.In Junior High was recruited by coach Wu Chi-Chen to start weightlifting training.As she started to train, she grew to love the sport.In order to continue her dream of weightlifting, she left her hometown while in high school and moved to Kaohsiung to study, train and start her arduous journey as a professional athlete.

Through this time, Shu-Ching was mentored by the former weightlifting champion Tsai Wen-Yi, who step by step, guided her into competition.Starting with competition in collegiate level to World University Games, Asian Championships and then the Olympics where she became a medal winner but at the same time attracted much exposure to the sport of weightlifting.

Along this journey, Shu-Ching experienced her having to leave her home, many countless sports injuries, incredible time spent training that has carved permanent scars into her hands.But, she maintained her journey in weightlifting unending.Even after a competition has ended, she resumes her training with just a little rest in between.Weightlifting to her is not just a sport, but her daily life.

My Choice and Experience of Artificer

When I was first introduced to Artificer products, my initial reaction was that these products had great design and were very nice looking jewelry accessories. But after using the products for over six months, I gradually felt the products benefits. It allowed my sleep quality to improve and reduced my anxiety.

In addition, Artificer products offered significant improvement to my balance coordination during my training, fatigue recovery was also very markedly improved. Nowadays, I wear the product almost all the time. If you are considering buying health jewelry products, I sincerely recommend Artificer products!! 😉

Artificer Spokesperson
Women’s Weightlifting Athlete
2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medal Winner
Hsu Shu-Ching

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