What are anions?

When we are in a forest, every breath we take brings a feeling of fresh cleanliness and pleasure.  This is the benefit of negative ions (anions).  Some refer to anions as vitamins of the air.

The air around us contains many ions that are invisible to the naked eye.  The concentrations of positive (cations) and negative (anions) ions in the air differ depending on the changes in climate or environment.  For example, the downward flow of water from a waterfall will cause water molecules to collide with each other and produce anions.

Anions can support our respiratory system, enhances immune system, stabilizes brain functioning and enhances sleep quality.

Modern cities, reinforced concrete buildings, air pollution and electromagnetic interference generated by the use of electronics/appliances all neutralize the anions in our environment and replaces them with large amounts of cations which cause stress and fatigue.

Medical research confirms the benefits of anions to include


Improves sleep quality


Regulates the autonomic nervous system


Enhances immune system


Improves respiratory functions


Antibacterial effects

Anion detection report for Artificer products

Artificer products were submitted to SGS for anion detection certification.  The average concentration of anions detected is 5,224 ions/cc.

Anion density of indoor urban spaces



Anion density in forests or waterfall areas



SGS Report No.UG/2011/90076A-02

User Reviews

Due to the excessive pressures of my work, I find it difficult to sleep at night and suffer from insomnia.  After a recommendation from a friend and hearing that the natural minerals included in the products have been tested and conforms to EU standard certifications.I purchased an Artificer necklace.  Previously, I would fall asleep and then keep waking up and dozing back to sleep throughout the night.  After wearing it, I find that I can now sleep right through until morning and my quality of sleep has improved significantly!

Miss Lin

In the past, I’ve always been skeptical of energy bracelets and necklaces.  Due to the fatigue felt from work, I decided to buy one.  After wearing it just twice and feeling uncomfortable, I took it off and left it to collect dust in storage.  I was first attracted to Artificer by it’s simple and elegant designs.  Then after using the product, the poor sleep quality that I always experienced was much improved.  During sleep, I was able to sleep much more deeply and was able to get the maximum amount of rest.  Health is a combination of diet, exercise and sleep all in balanced amounts.  I can very honestly say that the product is not a “magical pill” but Artificer allows me to gain more positive energy.

Miss Cai

Previously, I used another brand’s energy necklace.  Not only did I not feel much effect, the product was not durable with much color fading and the more I wore the product the more the paint faded.  Then my wife recommended Artificer’s bracelet to me.  At first, my expectations were low, but having worn the bracelet for a few days, I noticed that my body recovered faster than before.  Currently, I’ve been wearing the bracelet for almost two years, not only is there no color fading, the product still looks very complete with not much wear, and there is no odor left on the product from sweat.  I really like Artificer’s bracelet.  Thank you for being such a great brand in Taiwan, and look forward to more products from you!

Mr. Wu