One product, Three benefits

Reduces electromagnetic interference

Decrease the amount of electromagnetic interference exposed to the body, regulate bioelectricity and enhance the body’s balance and coordination.

What is Bioelectricity

Improves sleep quality

Always present effects of anions emitted by the natural minerals can improve sleep quality and assist the body during recovery and recuperation.

What is Anions

Alleviates muscle soreness

The FIR emitted can be absorbed by our skin to increase localized blood flux and blood flow which allow for a more efficient delivery of oxygen to the muscles to alleviate muscle soreness.

What is Far Infrared

Variety of Styles for anywhere and everywhere

Exquisite silver jewelry, health bracelets, sports necklaces, children’s jewelry and many various health accessories.Whether for an office setting, daily leisure or sports and fitness.We offer various styles to match your needs.Let our accessories become an integral part of your healthy lifestyle.





Meticulous Screening of Materials, Always Wear with a Peace of Mind

Conformed to multiple SGS standards, EU safety standards, Received TUV Rheinland Certification, Undergone strict safety testing offering jewelry that is not a burden to your health, but safe to use for adults, children and even infants.





Customer Reviews

When I was pregnant, I didn’t sleep very well. But after wearing Artificer’s bracelet, my sleep was more stable and was not prone to waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. After giving birth, my metabolism was very good. Living in a busy city where electronic products are everywhere, the bracelet allows my body to feel balanced and stable. Even my kids are wearing Artificer Kid’s bracelets, not only will it protect them from electromagnetic interference, the design of the bracelets are so cute, they love them!

Miss Yan

My first experience with this product was in the winter of 2013. I was attracted by its understated elegance, very appealing and offers health benefits, a very worthwhile item! At that time, I had developed a ganglion cyst on my left index finger. I had visited the doctors and was preparing to have it removed via minor surgery. But miraculously, after starting to wear the bracelet, the ganglion cyst which has bothered me for quite some time had started to disappear. After experiencing this, I was totally convinced and from that point on, whenever I’m with friends, I always recommend it!

Miss Hu

Due to having to lift heavy items at work which resulted in stiff neck and shoulders and soreness in my wrist. Artificer was introduced to me by a friend. After wearing it a period of time, the tightness throughout my body was lessened, my stiff neck, shoulders and wrist soreness was gone. Also, the product is very stylishly designed, even my daughter likes the product.

Miss Lu

In the past, my left wrist was often prone to cramping and discomfort. After wearing Artificer bracelet every day for the past year, the discomfort in my wrist when doing sports is greatly improved to the point of almost being gone! I wear a lot of jewelry on my hands and change them very often, the only thing I don’t change is my Artificer bracelet!

Miss Yang

10 years ago while traveling in India, I fell and broke my ankle. Since then, I often feel my range of motion in my right ankle is not very smooth. I am so happy that after wearing Artificer’s ankle bracelet, the tension in my ankle has been relieved tremendously and motion has been improved and discomfort is gone. Artificer products are effective and look very nice. I wear it every day, even when showering, I never take it off.

Miss Lai

Due to the excessive pressures of my work, I find it difficult to sleep at night and suffer from insomnia. After a recommendation from a friend and hearing that the natural minerals included in the products have been tested and conforms to EU standard certifications. I purchased an Artificer necklace. Previously, I would fall asleep and then keep waking up and dozing back to sleep throughout the night. After wearing it, I find that I can now sleep right through until morning and my quality of sleep has improved significantly!

Miss Lin