What is bioelectricity?

Walking, eating, swiping on your phone, the muscles of the body can complete all of these actions because the brain sends messages through our nervous system to the muscles telling them to move our feet and arms.How these messages are transmitted is via our body’s bioelectricity.

Bioelectricity is the electrical current within our body that sustains life.Our bioelectricity is conducted by nerve fiber cells.They regulate the functioning of bodily systems, functioning of different organs, control conscious behavior (such as speaking, walking, listening to music etc.), influences unconscious behavior (such as breathing, heartbeat, digestive tract functions, ion transfer between cells etc.).All of this requires control by our bioelectricity, which in turn affects our metabolism.

In conclusion, if our bioelectricity is regulated, the messages being transmitted are much smoother and in turn our muscles will be better coordinated and organ systemic operation will be much better!

Influences of Bioelectricity


Enhances transfer of nerve impulses

Stimulates metabolic functions


Improves balance and coordination


Enhances Ion transfer between cells

How is the body’s bioelectricity effected?

In our everyday lives, we are in constant contact with a large number of electronic products.During the use of these products electromagnetic waves and fields are emitted.Compared to the amount of electric interference that our ancestors were exposed to, our new technologically advanced world now exposes us to an insurmountable amount compared to that in the past!

These invisible changes in our environment interfere with our bioelectricity, causing it to become unregulated which in turn interfere with cellular transfer and ultimately our health.

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Q: How do I know when I’m being affected by electromagnetic interference?
A: By conducting a very quick and easy cell phone test and balance test, you will be able to find out!

Firstly, extend one arm and hold it perpendicular to the ground.Have someone slowly and steadily push down on your extended arm (at the elbow).You should be able to resist the downward force and maintain your arm in that position.

Then with your cell phone, make a call out, while the phone is ringing, perform the same test.You may feel it slightly more difficult to maintain your arm in the perpendicular position.




Experiments show wearing Artificer products,
reduces electromagnetic interference and enhances body coordination thus offering better body balance.

The natural minerals utilized in Artificer products include inherent properties that reduce the interference produced by electromagnetic waves.
Through simple demonstrations, you will be able to experience the balancing effects personally thus highlighting Artificer’s product benefits.

When the body is affected by electromagnetic interference, our bioelectricity is disrupted and very irregular.

When wearing Artificer product

When wearing Artificer product, bioelectricity is regulated and the effects from electromagnetic interference are reduced.



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