Frequently Asked Questions

Product features, where and how to purchase, shipping and delivery queries, one place for all answers

Product Functions

Q1:Do Artificer products block electromagnetic radiation?

No, but they can reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference from cell phones that disrupt our bodies.

Q2:Why does wearing Artificer products improve my balance and minimize the loss of strength effects when using my cellphone?

The principle benefit of our product is to regulate our body’s bioelectricity by decreasing electromagnetic interference which affects our body’s ability to transmit and coordinate signals to our muscles and allow them to perform efficiently.  Actually, your balance and strength does not get better with the use of our products but instead your overall bodily coordination is improved.  Essentially, our products allow your body to express its potential to its maximum.

Q3:How many products must be worn at one time? Does wearing more offer better effectiveness?

Effectiveness of product is designated by our star classification, the more stars, the higher the AERO content, the more significant the health benefits.  For Far Infrared effects, different bodies vary.  Therefore, if your metabolism is very good, we recommend that you not wear the product when sleeping as it may affect your sleep quality, but you should wear it during your daily activities.

Q4:Do Artificer product features fade over time?

The natural minerals used in Artificer products will maintain their effective benefits but will decrease according to the inherent half-life of the minerals themselves.  The half-life of the minerals utilized far exceed current human lifespans.

However, the actual effective expiration of the product will be dependent on the primary materials’ lifespan ( e.g.: Silicone of necklace, material used in the adhesive patch) and how the product is used (e.g.: cannot use in natural hot springs); and human factors (such as exceedingly stretching products beyond it’s intended use causing damage) influences.

Q5:If the product requires repair, how long does this take?

All products are covered under our warranty against manufacturer’s defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase where all repairs and services will be free of charge.  Since some parts require shipping to our repair facilities, all repairs will be turned around as soon as it is completed.  Most repairs will be completed within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the product.

Adhesive FAQ's

Q1:How long does BALANCE mineral patch last?

Most soreness alleviating patches are recommended by medical professionals to be used for a maximum of 6 hours before causing burden to the body. Since BALANCE does not contain any medication, it can be used safely for much longer.

The product can be used as long as the adhesion maintains it effectiveness. It’s recommended that after 3~4 days, new ones be applied as the change will can allow the skin to rest and breathe.

Q2:Can BALANCE mineral patches get wet and be worn when bathing?

Owing to the excellent adhesion of 3M’s series 2733 material, the patches can be used when handwashing or bathing without worry. But once the patches get wet, their adhesion will decrease.

Q3:Where to apply the patches? How many should be applied?

The patch can be applied directly to the sore spot on your body or many patches can be applied to the area surrounding the sore spot to increase effectiveness.

Further, since everyone’s body is unique and different, the number of patches required for efficacy will be different for each person. If one patch is not enough, add another and so on to increase the effects of the mineral functions.

Q4:Why does removing the patch leave a dark sticky ring?

Due to the excellent adhesive nature of the patch, there may be residual glue left on the skin after long-term use. The adhesive is a low sensitivity hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive developed by 3M. It is very safe to use and the leftover can be removed by flushing and gently rubbing with water.

Q5:Can BALANCE be used in conjunction with magnetic patches or other soreness alleviating patches?

Yes, it can be used together with other patches. Note that most soreness alleviating patch use have quantity and duration limits that must be adhered to (for example, muscle soreness patches cannot be used for more than 6 hours before they may cause burden to the body).  As for magnetic patch use scenarios, please refer to their respective product recommendations for use.

Accessory FAQ's

Q1:Bracelet or necklace, which one offers better effects?

Regulation of bioelectricity and emission of anions is a “whole body” effect and will be offered no matter where you wear the product.  FIR effects are localized, therefore, if you wear a bracelet, the effects will benefit your wrist.  If you wear a necklace, it will be most effective for areas around your neck.

Q2:Will the product interfere with magnetic or titanium products if worn together?

Artificer product benefits are derived from natural minerals which do not have any effect towards magnets or titanium.  Therefore, using them together will not affect the effectiveness of our products.  You can choose the product based on your physical condition or your requirement.

Q3:Will the coloring on Rhythm bracelets fade over time?

Our Rhythm bracelets use a water based coloring which is completely safe and non-toxic (passed European Union’s EN71 Safety Standards).  Since water based coloring stability is dependent on the user’s contact of the product (e.g. the pH of perspiration), therefore, fading may occur, but will not affect the safety and effects of the product.  Since we stick to a “Safety First” principle, we chose to use water based coloring which may be prone to fading.  Your safety is our number one priority!

Q4:If there is a problem with the product sizing after I receive it, how do I proceed?

Before your final order is placed, please ensure you order the color, style and size most suitable for you. Should there be any questions regarding sizing of the product, please contact us at: and our customer service will help you determine the correct size of product before you place your final order. 

Q1:Is the product that I saw on Momoshop’s webstore your product, is it an authentic Artificer product?

Besides being sold on our own website, Artificer products can be seen being sold on many well-known on-line stores. Momoshop is working with one of our authorized distribution partners so you can be assured that you are purchasing authentic Artificer products.

If in doubt as to whether the store you are purchasing from is one of our distribution partners, please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q2:Where can I find Elements products on display and to try on?

Below is a link which lists all of the locations you can purchase Artificer products.  Please look for “ Metro Chic “distributors to find the locations that carry Elements series products.  Our head office also has all our product offerings on display and available for purchase, you are welcome to drop by anytime!

Q3: Mothercare and Regent Taipei don’t look like they carry Artificer products and so I feel awkward walking in to ask.

These locations all sell Artificer products, you can walk in with confidence and choose the product that you are looking for! Artificer works hard to cooperate with well-known partners covering different service or retail categories in order to share our philosophy of a true and healthy lifestyle.  You can also refer to our cooperating partners, for many other well-known channels that may be more convenient for you.

If the particular channel you chose does not have the exact product you are interested in, you may ask them to order it for you or can contact us directly.  We will do our best to satisfy your requests.

Q4:Do you have stores in Tainan or Kaohsiung that sell your products?

Except for our head office where we have products available for sale, all other physical stores are operated by our distribution partners.  You can check our website for the closest location.  Since our partners service different retail categories and will include products that satisfy their target audiences, they may not have the specific product you are looking for on hand or on display.  But you may ask them to order the product for you or can also visit our website and purchase it directly from us.  We provide free shipping throughout all of domestic Taiwan.

Q5:Can I buy the products in Hong Kong?

Yes, you can visit our website and look up the distribution partners in Hong Kong and find the location that is most convenient for you.  If you have any other questions, you may contact us via email and we will get back to you very quickly.

Q6:If I live overseas, where and how can I buy the product?

Along with Taiwan, Artificer has distribution partners in Hong Kong and China. (Philippines).  You can refer to our website for their locations.  Also, we allow for PayPal and credit card payment through our webstore, furthermore a fee for the actual delivery costs for international shipping will also be charged.

Q1:How do I buy the product, what type of payment methods do you offer?

Besides offering credit card payment, we also accept direct ATM wires or can directly ship to the closest convenience store where you may pay on delivery.

Q2:How do you ship and how long does delivery take?

1-2 working days for Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung area; All other areas will require 3-5 working days.  All dates do not include weekends.

Q3:How are shipping charges calculated?

Free shipping for anywhere in Taiwan.  For International orders, all shipping costs, duty and taxes will be charged.  To find out the actual charges, please contact us directly.

Q4:If I’m not happy with the product or want to return it, how do I proceed?

Please contact us first with your request.  Then, send the product with all packaging along with the original receipt/invoice to our office.  Once we receive it, we will contact you directly.  If there are no problems with the product received, we will proceed with the refund.

Q1:Do Artificer products have an expiration date?

All the natural minerals used in Artificer products can be used for a lifetime.  The longevity of the product is limited by the combination of different materials and parts along with user’s handling of the product.  These factors will cause the product use to be different for everyone.

Q2:Why can’t the product come in contact with natural hot springs?

The sulfur present in natural hot springs will cause oxidation of the minerals used in Artificer products affecting the minerals causing the product to lose all its health properties.  Therefore, if planning to use a hot spring, please remember to take off your Artificer products!!

Q3:What if I forget to take off the product before using a hot spring?

Please contact us first, send the product back to the office, we will test the product to see if the hot spring has affected the product or not.

Q4:Can the product be worn in the shower, swimming pool, in the sauna or while sleeping?

Except for our LUX series of products that should avoid contact with water, all other products can be worn in the shower, while swimming, in the sauna and during sleep.

Q5:How should I clean the product?

LUX silver jewelry series, please use the included silver cleaning cloth and gently wipe the areas that require cleaning.  Do not use warm water, soap water, organic solvents and other liquids.

ELEMENTS, RHYTHM and FLORALS series, for general cleaning use a dry cloth to wipe the areas that require cleaning.  If the product is particularly dirty, please use warm water or soap water and gently wipe the area that requires extra cleaning (dish washing detergent is also okay to use).

If you cannot find answers to your question, please call us at +886-2-2581-6222 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!