Far Infrared

What is far-infrared?

Far infrared (FIR) are light waves found in the wavelength spectrum of infrared undiscernible to the human eye.  With the human body consisting of 70% water and the total length of an average adult’s capillary can circle the globe 2.5 times.  The resonance effects of FIR (4μm ~ 14μ range) on water molecules within our bodies can cause capillaries to expand and improve body tissue metabolism.

In addition to being used in technology, astronomical applications, FIR is commonly used in medical and health care applications.  Saunas often use FIR technology to alleviate sore and aching muscles.

FIR waves emitted will be absorbed by the body and increase the microvascular circulation enhancing cellular metabolism and alleviate muscle soreness.

Medical research – confirms the benefits of Far infrared(FIR)


Regulates the autonomic nervous system

Improves metabolism


Stimulates microvascular circulation


Alleviates aches and soreness

Far infrared (FIR) test report for Artificer product

Artificer products were submitted to TTRI for testing certification.  Wearing the product (for 20 minutes) results in a 14.8% increase in blood flow, a 17.6% increase in blood flux (and an increase of 0.55℃ to core body temperature), which effectively helps to improve the operation of the microvascular system and metabolism throughout our bodies.

Report No.10707C02498-1-1-01

TTRI Report No.TFFOK521

User Reviews

Originally, I was just searching for a product to alleviate my stiff neck and shoulders.  One time, I happened to notice the bracelet that my friend was wearing.  The design was also suitable for men.  After inquiring about the bracelet, I purchased a necklace and bracelet.  After wearing the products, the stiffness felt previously was greatly improved, at night I find that it is easier for me to relax and fall asleep allowing me to wake up and work more efficiently the next day.

Mr. Qu

Due to work, I often feel pain and discomfort in my right hand.  The first few days wearing the product caused a numbness in my right hand.  After contacting the company and learning that this may be due to poor circulation in my right hand, I continued to wear the product.  After a while, the pain and discomfort in my right hand slowly dissipated.  Now, after wearing the bracelet for the past 2 years, I rarely feel discomfort in my right wrist!

Miss Su

Five or six year ago, I started to suffer from Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.  At its worst, putting on and taking off my shirt or even driving was very difficult.  Not only was it very uncomfortable, but was also an inconvenience in my everyday life.  I underwent physical therapy for a year and using Chinese medicine treatments with no significant improvement.  Then my daughter gave me a necklace and bracelet.  With a “try and see” attitude, I began to wear the products for a year.  At the end of the same year, I unintentionally realized that I was about 90% recovered from my Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.  Asides my joy and surprise, I honestly cannot really tell when this change occurred.  Even now, I continue to wear the products and have not felt even the slightest discomfort to my shoulder.

Mr. Lin