Mobile phones, a new Health Worry

Electromagnetic waves exist as energy in nature, but the speed of technology development in the past few decades has exposed us to even greater amounts of electromagnetic waves than ever before.  In our day to day lives, cell phones have become our indispensable “smart” devices.  When we go out nowadays, we can leave home without everything EXCEPT our cell phones!  On the flipside of all the convenience offered hides a slow and sure emerging risk…



June 2011, WHO classifies cell phones as a 2B Carcinogen

The WHO in June of 2011 announced in 14 countries their report on cell phones relating to health.  In particular, they indicated that people who use cell phones for over 10 years are two times more at risk of developing gliomas (a malignant type of brain cancer). Thus, the report concluded that cell phones are considered a 2B carcinogen (possibly carcinogenic to humans).

WHO classifies cell phones as a 2B carcinogen


Using cell phones on the MRT or elevators increases the electromagnetic interference by 6-15 times

In 2013, the research report by The Ministry of Environmental Protection of China found that the intensity of electromagnetic interference generated by cell phones on moving objects (including subways) was 6 times greater than at rest; and in closed spaces (such as elevators) was 15 times greater.  When cell phones are in poor signal areas, they will increase their reception thus increasing electromagnetic interference to try and connect to the nearest cell tower to maintain signal strength.


More and more research and reports have been conducted to track whether electromagnetic interference from cell phones impact the human body.  At present, there is no definitive experimental results indicating that the use of cell phones can cause cancer.  But it is known that electromagnetic interference is indeed a risk factor.  Understanding how to use cell phones correctly may reduce the health effects and risks to the human body.


To reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) to our bodies, it is suggested that we can follow the guidelines below


  1. When talking on a cell phone, try to use wired headphones as much as possible, or hold the phone so as not to be in contact with our face or body.  If using in a private space, recommend using the speaker phone feature.  The influence of electromagnetic interference on the human body will be decreased drastically with increased distance.
  2. In the absence of a remote control or Bluetooth device connection, it is recommended that when the phone rings, wait a few seconds after answering the phone to ensure that the call is connected before setting it to your ear to talk.  The EMI is strongest when the phone is dialed or ringing.
  3. If you carry a bag or purse when you go out, it is recommended to put the phone in the bag/purse to reduce the proximity of the phone to your body.
  4. Avoid using your cell phone before going to bed.  Besides decreasing the EMI affecting sleep, it will also reduce the amount of blue light that harms our eyes.
  5. In areas of poor reception, such as confined spaces, basements or fast-moving vehicles, try to minimize your use of cell phones.  Poor signals will cause the cell phone to send stronger electromagnetic frequency signals to try and maintain a stable signal strength by connecting to the nearest cell station/stations.


Furthermore, if you have children, try to reduce their amount of time spent playing with cell phones or tablets!  Children’s skulls are much thinner than adults and contain much higher fluid content.  This makes them more susceptible to the risk and affects of electromagnetic interference than adults.  Many public health departments in Europe and North American also recommend that cell phone use for children be limited to emergency calls only.


Therefore, in addition to readjusting your habits and usage of technology products, don’t neglect to ensure the safety of your children by regulating the amount of times they use these devices.
For more on how electromagnetic interference affects our body and how cell phones use can directly influence our bodies, please refer to Bioelectricity



WHO/IARC classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields as possibly carcinogenic to humanshttp://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf

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