Throughout a long and slow night, nothing is more scary than lying in bed and staring at the ceiling all night!

Sleep is the time for the our body to recuperate, body repair and memory organization like backing up hard drives in the tech world, are all done while we sleep. But as the modern person’s stresses and pressures increase day to day, a good nights sleep is hard to achieve and sleep quality will decline. Thus, getting through a normal routine day will become a difficult task. Many people are tormented from not being able to sleep at night. Then the next morning having to drag their exhausted bodies to work. After a prolonged period of not allowing the body to properly rest will result in insomnia, muscle fatigue, immune disorders…all kinds of physical and mental problems. Some people mistakenly think that sleeping for longer periods will be better, but results in waking up feeling more dizzy and feeling worse.


Sleep better not sleep longer! Shorter quality sleep is much better than longer poor quality sleep. Therefore, the key is increasing the quality. Sleep does not happen during a single point of time, but over a process. By following the steps in improving your process before going to sleep may help improve your sleep quality and allow you to get a good night’s rest, every night!


Battle for Quality Sleep , T-minus 3 Hours Before Sleep

Still quite a while before actually sleeping. It’s recommended that dinner or snacks are consumed during this time. Trying to sleep on an empty stomach is not ideal and sleeping right after a meal will be even worse! Try to finish eating foods three hours before going to sleep so that the body will also have time to digest all that is consumed.


For those that regularly exercise, try and finish all your workouts within the 3 hours before going to sleep. Regular exercise will not only maintain your figure but will also increase the quality of sleep. While exercising, our heart rate is increased which will stimulate your body and give you that rush. Therefore, it’s better to avoid exercising too close to the time when your body is ready to sleep so the body has time to relax and calm down.


Battle for Quality Sleep , T-minus 2 Hours Before Sleep

Start to establish a mood for sleep. Dimming the lights in the bedroom can decrease stimulation and increase the secretion of melatonin in our bodies. Melatonin is our body’s natural body clock, increased secretions will let the body know it’s time to rest.

After the lights in the bedroom are turned down. Lighting candles made with essential oils will let our sense of smell influence the mood of our brains, allowing our minds to relax. Or playing light music can also add to enhancing a more comfortable atmosphere.


Battle for Quality Sleep, T-minus 1 Hour Before Sleep

At this time, cell phones, computers and other electronic devices should be put away. The electromagnetic interference and blue light emitted from these devices will influence the secretion of melatonin which will affect our sleep by keeping us awake when we should be sleeping.


In addition, lowering the room temperature of the bedroom may also help. When we sleep, our body temperatures will slowly decrease which signals the brain that the body is entering into a rest state to promote sleep. Lowering the temperature of the bedroom will help to accelerate this process. The recommended room temperature is between 16°C – 21°C. Some people choose to sleep naked as this will reduce body temperature and alleviate the feeling of wrinkles and discomfort caused by sleepwear. But, if choosing to sleep naked, more attention will need to be paid to the choice and materials used in bedding!


The Final Stage of the Battle! 30 Minutes Before Sleep

The dimly lit room and comfortable temperature should have started to bring on sleep. At this time, some light stretching exercises can be done to help the body relax further or quietly sitting still and meditating to empty your mind. Once the body and mind are in a relaxed state, it’s time to climb into bed and get a good night’s sleep!

⇓ Asides From Changing the Process Leading to Sleep, the Following Hints Can Also Help


.Writing in a journal or diary to destress before bedtime

Keeping a journal or diary is a very good way to alleviate stresses. Before going to bed, use an actual pen and paper to write down all your stresses that occurred during the day. By doing so, we temporarily get them out of our heads allowing our brains to be relaxed and free when we sleep. This will decrease the chances of lying in bed tossing and turning thinking about the same things. Remember to not use a computer or cell phone to write these things. Paper and pen is your best choice!


.Improve the quality of sleep by using sports bracelets or other anion emitting products

Release of negative ions has been medically proven to regulate our nervous and endocrine systems, which has positive effects on improving our sleep quality. Therefore, choosing beddings that release negative ions or wearing products that promote release of negative ions may also help. One feature of AERO Technology, Artificer’s core technology, is the release of negative ions. Some user’s will put on our bracelet or necklace before going to sleep to allow the negative ion feature to help improve sleep.
(More details about Artificer AERO Technology functions)



Although everyone’s reason for not being able to sleep are different. By improving the processes before going to sleep instead of focusing on why you can’t fall asleep may help to slowly reduce the assistance of medication and gradually improve your quality of sleep.



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