Artificer’s complete line of products consisting of Elements series bracelets, Elements series necklaces, Rhythm bracelets, Motion necklaces and Florals concept accessory has been awarded the 2013 Golden Pin Design Award granted by Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The aim of this award is to allow Golden Pin Design to be

synonymous with high quality designed products by increasing the awareness of consumers through universal design aesthetics and quality of life, ultimately encouraging purchases by the consumer. In addition, it promotes Taiwan’s design internationally to the worldwide market. This prize is also open to foreign products already on the market in Taiwan to enroll in. Thus, allowing locally designed products a platform for healthy competition with international brands and enhance Taiwan’s design innovation.

From the get go, not only does Artificer insist on the quality and feature of our products but are equally, if not more focused, on product design considerations specifically for the user. Our product development strategy has always been to uphold our founding business philosophy and motto “The Balance in Life “, a true balance of our body, mind and soul. Not only is this just a slogan but is realized with every products’ development, design, production, and marketing process.

Body—Our company’s patented raw material technology, AERO offers the regulation of bioelectricity, release of anions and far infrared features enhancing the body’s health;

Mind—a combination of lifestyle with design aesthetics so that each and every product can be appreciated;

Soul—an amalgamation of design concepts with symbolic and meaningful allegory to add a level of appreciation for each individual product; so that the meanings can strengthen the recognition of brand and product and instill a “never want to put it down or be without “attitude. And, in this way, elevating the value of the product even more.






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