Starting today, Artificer is officially a partner to the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee.  After the committee took the time to understand our products and their internal evaluations.  Artificer is honored to be named the sports accessory partner of the 2016 Rio Chinese Taipei Olympic team and coaching staff.

Since cooperating with world-renowned table tennis champion Chuang Chih-yuan and women’s weightlifting world record holder Hsu Shu-ching.  Artificer had the opportunity to develop very good relationships with many local and foreign professional athletes and well-known fitness instructors.  Over these years, we have received the support and been recognized by many top personnel in sports circles.  Today, Artificer has become a partner of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and excited that our products have a chance to be closer yet to more international professional athletes.

The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee was established on April 3, 1922.  Formerly known as the China National Amateur Athletic Federation with the aim of promoting national awareness towards sports and promoting Olympic spirit by strengthening the ties between International Olympics and the various sports groups and associations at home and abroad.  Continuing to develop national sports programs, to participate, host Olympic Games and regional sports events; interact with international Olympic Committee and Sports Associations of different countries to coordinate and organize various sporting events and exchanges.  Over the years, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Sports Administration of the Executive Yuan efforts are focused to complete all of these various tasks.

The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Website:http://www.tpenoc.net/

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