Since 1967 to now, with 23 gold albums, 18 platinum albums, 5 top selling albums and 21 chart topping singles to their fame. Chicago has accompanied many people during their youth in the 60’s to 80’s. Especially the classic song, “Hard to say I’m sorry”…

In 2013, percussionist Walfredo Reyes Jr. had the opportunity to be introduced to Artificer products. From that point on, he continuously shared with us his comments regarding Artificer products and how they affected him in a positive way. Today’s concert in Taipei allowed him some free time to also invite another percussionist Tris Imboden to understand Artificer. After about two and a half hours of introduction and conversation, they were very impressed and were insistent on actually purchasing some products to share with the rest of the band. Asides from offering us their utmost encouragement, they offered their continued support for Artificer’s excellent line of products and hoped to share Artificer with others in their music field….

We are all so happy……..Go!! Artificer!!!


Walfredo Reyes Jr.和團員Tris Imboden到訪Artificer


團隊和Walfredo Reyes Jr.、Tris Imboden合影




“Awesome!!” -by Walfredo Reyes Jr.


“Thank you for every time!” -by. Tris Imboden


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