When fighting meets fitness, what kind of sparks will be created?  China’s most famous fighting fitness training system—MFT Martial Fitness Training was invited by Artificer Academy to come to Taiwan for the first time ever to hold a fighting fitness training event allowing Taiwan trainers to experience using fighting techniques to achieve a new level of fitness.


The first ever Taiwan demo event, elite course Packed A Punch!

MFT’s premier Taipei event hosted by the collaboration of Artificer and MFT companies was held on July 8th at Taipei’s Boxing Plus location.  MFT’s founder Hank Han and his team consisting of MFT’s core trainers led the 25 Taiwan trainers through a full day of training lessons.  The morning session consisted of leading the participants in MFT fighting fitness system exercises, such as warm-up, shadow boxing, target striking.  In the afternoon, the participants were privy to the evolution and processes within the MFT system which led to the highlight of the day’s training involving actual ring fighting experience.  All the participants challenged themselves to the limit!


▼MFT founder Hank Han’s address at the opening of the day’s event


▼MFT’s core trainer – Lin Qing, leading the participants in training exercises

▼MFT’s core trainer – Zheng Jiu-jiang, leading the warm-ups

▼MFT’s core trainer – Wei Ying, leading everyone in stretching

▼MFT’s Core Trainer – Wang Wen-jing, leading participants in actual training


Combining martial arts, Muay Thai, free combat and many other fighting styles to create a new fitness system

MFT (Martial Fitness Training) System, utilizes a combination of multiple fighting techniques to allow the participant to achieve effective training in a safe environment.  All with the effects of improving their physical fitness, cardiovascular, flexibility, explosiveness and endurance.  Paired with almost pure combat training experience to stimulate and allow the participants to express their true potentials while having fun and feeling a sense of accomplishment.  MFT is also very adamant on the trainee’s mental training. They encourage participants to not just work on the physical, technical training aspects but emphasizes to fully engage in the pursuit of growth.  Through a series of complete training courses, MFT allows the trainees to systematically improve themselves. Breaking through one’s self, both body and mind are improved.

Since it’s establishment in 2010, MFT has introduced more than 100 brands and is cooperating with over 1,000 fitness clubs throughout China, providing professional course consulting and management solutions to the fitness industry.  Currently, there are over 100 MFT certified studios and In-Studio venues successfully operating in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalien, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhengzhou and Wuhan.


A successful event ended, trainers unending feedback

During this event, the MFT team introduced their system and course content along with giving all the participants a hand’s on of all the parts involved in their course.  Throughout the all day event, all the trainers were able to experience the actual training of both the body and mind.  After the event, many of the trainers indicated that the event was packed full and was worth every minute, and also learned a bit more about themselves after having gone through the training.  Many also hoped that they had a chance to experience the course again or have a chance to participate in MFT’s training in the future.


After the event, Hank Han, the founder of MFT Martial Fitness Training shared his thoughts on this event:  “Three years ago my first trip to Taiwan left a deep impression on me and I hoped for the opportunity to let my team experience it.  Even though the opportunity never came, the idea of an “MFT Taiwan Mastercraft Journey” was always in my mind.  It wasn’t until I met with Artificer’s Leon at the Nike Super Workshop last year that I finally realized that fate had finally given me the opportunity!  Two months ago, I decided to bring my core team to Taiwan. With the help of Leon and Artificer, they showed us various examples of the ingenuity and master craft attitudes locally here in Taiwan.  At the same time, I hoped to be able to share key portions of MFT’s ideology with the friends and trainers of Taiwan and be able to share in an open exchange event with them. On July 8th, we along with Artificer and friends, we presented an excellent MFT Martial Fitness Training Experience.  The Taiwan trainer’s enthusiasm, focus and passion left an unforgettable impression on us.  All this….is very rare and precious…


MFT Taiwan Mastercraft Journey this time confirmed even more strongly:  In this lifetime, some people are destined to walk together!”


Regarding this event, Artificer’s CEO Leon Wei said: “Artificer is very honored to have the opportunity to invite China’s premier MFT Martial Fitness Training team to hold their first ever demo event in Taiwan.  Not only was the 「martial」aspects rich and solid, but more focus was placed on the 「heart」training of the attendees and encouraged fitness trainers and industry professionals to not just focus on teaching but also need to continue to improve oneself.  MFT’s unique attention to details in regard to intention and philosophy implemented in their course also benefited our company.  It is the expectation that the fitness trainers from both the cross strait regions can apply for MFT’s professional training and MFT’s Thailand Training Camps through Artificer Academy’s offerings in the future to experience the fitness charm offered by the MFT!”


▼The participants receiving completion certificates for completing the demo day, pictures with MFT’s trainers


▼More photos from the days event, challenging your own limits!

About MFT

MFT (Martial Fitness Training) – Founded in 2010 by Mr. Hank Han.  Along with his team, MFT’s aim is to strengthen fitness training by combining fighting techniques from Muay Thai, free fighting and mixed martial arts enabling fitness trainers to achieve more effective training in a safe environment.  To date, they have offered their professional consulting and management solutions to over 100 brands and over 1,000 fitness centers and studios throughout China.

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