The first choice for most people that decide to try Artificer’s products is the Rhythm series, our entry product.  But often we will receive their emails or private messages asking “What is the difference between our sports bracelet and sports necklace?  How to choose the one that is most suitable for me?”  So we will attempt to answer this in as much detail as possible to help you make your best choice.


Rhythm Bracelet and Necklace Spec Comparison

Rhythm series originated from the same design concepts.  Hence the similarities in appearance.  But there are differences between them.  First, let’s take a look at their basic specifications:

Did you spot the difference?  The main difference between our bracelet and necklace is their AERO Star Rating.  AERO Star Rating is our main differentiator between our products.  The higher the star rating, the more AERO content used, the more significant the features.  The other difference between these two products is in color choices.  The bracelet is offered in 9 different colors whereas the necklace is offered in 8 only.  Once you have an idea of how these two products differ, how do you choose the one most suitable for you?


Method 1 , Choose according to your style of dress

What do you wear and how do you dress daily?  Cute, Avant-garde, Sexy, Dapper or other styles or genres?

Everyone has their own way of dressing or style.  Choosing accessories to match your style can add to the overall image of the person.  We have put together a few common dress styles and suggestions for your review to give you a quick and easy way to choose your health accessories.


.Cute and Sweet

If your daily style of choice is cute and sweet.  Pinks, baby blues and pastel colors can accentuate your overall look.

Suggested Products: Bracelet or Necklace
Suggested Colors:

  1. For Bracelet: Pink / Baby Blue / White
  2. For Necklace: Magenta / White



.Elegant and Classy

White always adds elegance to any wardrobe.  But, if you like a variety of colors, it is recommended to choose clothing of the same tones or similar tones.   This will maintain an understated look and also a small technique to give a more complete look.

Suggested Products: Bracelet
Suggested Colors:

  1. Choose colors that are the same or similar tone to wardrobe
  2. Choose the always elegant staple, White



.Modern and Stylish

If your wardrobe style is more modern, tailored or fashion-oriented.  The conservative colors will be a good choice as they don’t bring too much attention and can easily match with any personality or style.  If you are afraid colors may affect your overall look, try classic black and white pairings which have been the unbeaten, never-out-of-fashion combination.

Suggested Products: Bracelet
Suggested Colors:

  1. Darker colors: Black / Dark Purple / Dark Blue / Dark Green
  2. White



.Vibrant and Outgoing

Bright and vibrant colors, full of enthusiasm and vitality.  Whether necklace or bracelet, beautiful colors can bring out your confidence.  Use them to catch everyone’s attention.

Suggested Products: Bracelet or Necklace
Suggested Colors:

  1. Bright colors: Red / Magenta / Yellow / White
  2. Basic colors: Black / White



Method 2, Listen to your Body, Feel the areas that need to be soothed

Aside from just being an accessory, Artificer bracelets and necklaces offer features that are beneficial to people.  Far Infrared is a localized effect only and benefits the immediate area that the product is in contact with.  Therefore, you can choose the product according to your body’s needs which will make the choice much easier.


.If you often suffer from stiff and sore neck and shoulders

Recommend our sports necklace.  Often due to work, our body is maintained in a fixed position for prolonged periods resulting in neck and shoulder strain.  We recommend wearing our sports necklace as the far infrared benefits emitted from the necklace can enhance circulation which may help to alleviate and slow down the soreness and stress produced.

.If you suffer from sore hands or tendinitis

Recommend our sports bracelet.  The modern person cannot avoid using a mouse, swiping on cell phones or other actions or gestures that cause stress and loading on the wrist.  All of these cause stiffness or pain to the hand which in some cases may be very painful.  We recommend wearing our bracelet on the hand that feels discomfort.  The far infrared benefits emitted from the bracelet can stimulate the localized circulation.


Method 3, Choose according to the type of accessories that is usually worn

Some people are not used to wearing bracelets, watches or work heavily with hands where bracelets are not suitable.  In this scenario, the necklace would be your best choice.  Although, it will not relieve the pain in hands but the benefits of anions (negative ions) and decrease of electromagnetic interference are still had; vice versa, if you are not used to wearing a necklace, then a bracelet would be your choice and the same benefits would be had.  In fact, some users started out not having a habit of wearing any jewelry, but they started to wear it because of the benefits of the product.  Now, the product has become a permanent part of their wardrobe and their everyday lives.


In addition, because the AERO Star classification of the bracelet and necklace are different (bracelet is 1-star, necklace is 2-star), some necklace users have discovered a unique way to wear the product—by wrapping the necklace two or three times around the wrist, you can wear it as a bracelet with a 2-star rating!  Or others have found that the necklace can also be worn as an anklet by wrapping it around one’s ankles.  Not only can this increase the different ways to adorn the product and give it a new braided look, but the overall cost is less than purchasing two separate bracelets—a great choice indeed!


The suggested methods above are just recommendations only.  If there are other unique or interesting methods that you’d like to share, please let us know anytime.


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