Safety Reports

Upholding quality,
​100% Made in Taiwan

For all the products that incorporate metallic materials, we insist on using the same general surgeon 316L medical stainless steel and medical grade silicone.

Nickel-free, Allergy-free

Compliant with EU Nickel Release Standard EN1811

Nickel is the most common allergenic metal.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified nickel compounds carcinogenic to humans.  In order to achieve a faster time to the market and low cost with beautiful aesthetics, there are still plenty of jewelry products manufactured utilizing conventional electroplating processes, resulting in the use of high nickel content which jeopardizes our health.

Instead of using conventional electroplating processes, Artificer products use 316L stainless steel (medical grade), hand-polished, and then one by one tested to ensure every detail complies with international safety standards.

SGS Report No. CM/2013/60274A

The Safety Level for Children

EU Toy Safety Directive EN-71

Artificer team escalates product safety standards to the most stringent safety standard of Europe–EU Toy Safety Directive Testing (EN-71).  All products from raw ores to any components used are required to pass this test to guarantee that the product is safe, even for children.

SGS Report No. UG/2011/90076

Natural mineral, Safe for humans

Passed Gamma Spectrum Radionuclide Analysis Test

Artificer products passed the Atomic Energy Council Radiation Test Center Gamaliel Spectrum Analyzer for gamma radionuclides qualitative and quantitative analysis. This confirms that Artificer products contain no artificial nuclear raw materials, ie:
Artificer products is derived from a natural source of raw materials, rare minerals, which do not produce harmful ionizing radiation, such as: X-Ray or Gamma Ray.

2018-Test Report EMRAL-TR-107051

Received German TÜV Rheinland Group Certification

Passed German TÜV Certification Group Certification for business operation and product certifications.

In 2016, Artificer Life Corp. passed and received the German TÜV Rheinland Group certification for business operation and product certifications.

For all Artificer users, this is a very clear validation that all of the information we have expressed concerning our safety standards—which includes rigorous and multiple testing conducted by the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organization (SGS); in conjunction with the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (Atomic Energy Council); and today, having passed and received the certification from the German TÜV Certification Group.All of this expresses even more strongly our dedication to ensuring safety as the first and most fundamental principle when it comes to health products.

German TÜV Rheinland Group Certification

Cathay Century Product Liability Insurance

Artificer products have been insured for NT100million

In order to guarantee our safety to consumers, and to fulfill the responsibility as the brand. Artificer has secured product liability insurance to protect consumers that use our products. The coverage of our responsibility includes Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines.

2018.08.29 ~ 2019.08.29