Professional and Consumer Experiences

The experience of professionals

When I was first introduced to Artificer products, my initial reaction was that these products had great design and were very nice looking jewelry accessories.  But after using the products for over six months, I gradually felt the products benefits.  It allowed my sleep quality to improve and reduced my anxiety.

In addition, Artificer products offered significant improvement to my balance coordination during my training, fatigue recovery was also very markedly improved.  Nowadays, I wear the product almost all the time.  If you are considering buying health jewelry products, I sincerely recommend Artificer products!! 😉

Artificer Spokesperson / Women’s Weightlifting Athlete Hsu Shu-Ching

Cooperation with Artificer is entering our fourth year, after so many years, I’m still benefiting from using Artificer products.  When talking about the product benefits.  Some areas on my body are more prone to inflammation.  This has increased with aging along with the different types of training and the time spent training.  All of this has made my muscles much more prone to inflammation to the point where I need to stop training.  Whether it’s Artificer’s bracelets or necklaces, they have helped in this area a lot by reducing the occurrence, and I have also felt improvement to my sleep quality.  In addition to this, Artificer’s design, use of color and attention to details is something that I like very much.

However, Artificer has another meaning for me—a symbol of inspiration, which surpasses the benefits that the product offers me.  As a result of the cooperation with Artificer, I am always seeking to become “an Artificer”.  Sometimes during a match or when I’m confused, the power that the product offers is even more than the actual physical power to my body. This type of inspiration and meaning is quite useful for me.

Artificer Spokesperson / Table Tennis Athlete Chuang Chih-Yuan

The first time I touched Artificer’s sports bracelet and necklace, it’s trendiness, color and texture really attracted me and also raised my curiosity as to what made these products so special?

Developing and training taekwondo athletes in Huadong District along with taking care of my children are my current utmost priority.  The pressures and personal standards that I’ve set have made it impossible for me to “sleep until I naturally wake up” in the mornings.  After using Artificer products, the most noticeable difference is my quality of sleep and the quality of deep sleep has improved dramatically.  Allowing me to rest more completely so that I can better perform my dual duties as Taekwondo coach and as a mother.

Artificer Spokesperson / Taekwondo Athlete Chen Shih-hsin

Energy of Life, this is what I do.  I create grooves, rhythms, music, lyrics… I’m in the “moving business”… I move people mentally, emotionally and physically off their seats!  Dance, laugh, cry, remember, think, heal…Energy moves and creates more Energy…this is Artificer… I wear this Energy to make more, I give, I receive!!  I love the healing concept and the creativity of Artificer, art jewelry with Love and Energy, you wear it, you feel it, you create it, you share it with the world!

That is Life!!  That is Love, without Energy…neither would exist!!  Give me Artificer, and I will give you music Energy back!!!

I am grateful and blessed with the existence of Artificer.

World Renowned Brand – Chicago / Percussionist Walfredo Reyes Jr.

Wearing the Artificer necklace for the 2012 season.  Product that actually works.

Thank you Artificer!

MLB Chicago Cubs / Pitcher Anthony Bass

Customer Reviews

Mr. Lee

Thumbs up!  A product that works! When doing weight training, there is a noticeable difference in stability when wearing and not wearing the product!  I also feel a difference when using my cell phone.  On long conversations, my head doesn’t feel as uncomfortable…

Mr. Lin

Seeing Artificer products worn by friends and running buddies, at first, I thought that it was just an accessory.  But after wearing it, my running improved, fatigue from sitting for long periods of time at the office was gone and I felt more energetic.  I started to recommend it to friends which received many great responses.  Highly recommend it!  Thumbs up!

Miss Lu

Due to having to lift heavy items at work which resulted in stiff neck and shoulders and soreness in my wrist.  Artificer was introduced to me by a friend.  After wearing it a period of time, the tightness throughout my body was lessened, my stiff neck, shoulders and wrist soreness was gone.  Also, the product is very stylishly designed, even my daughter likes the product.

Miss Yang

In the past, my left wrist was often prone to cramping and discomfort.  After wearing Artificer bracelet every day for the past year, the discomfort in my wrist when doing sports is greatly improved to the point of almost being gone!  I wear a lot of jewelry on my hands and change them very often, the only thing I don’t change is my Artificer bracelet!

Miss Lai

10 years ago while traveling in India, I fell and broke my ankle.  Since then, I often feel my range of motion in my right ankle is not very smooth.  I am so happy that after wearing Artificer’s ankle bracelet, the tension in my ankle has been relieved tremendously and motion has been improved and discomfort is gone.  Artificer products are effective and look very nice. I wear it every day, even when showering, I never take it off.

Miss Lin

Due to the excessive pressures of my work, I find it difficult to sleep at night and suffer from insomnia.  After a recommendation from a friend and hearing that the natural minerals included in the products have been tested and conforms to EU standard certifications.  I purchased an Artificer necklace.  Previously, I would fall asleep and then keep waking up and dozing back to sleep throughout the night.  After wearing it, I find that I can now sleep right through until morning and my quality of sleep has improved significantly!

Mr. Qu

Originally, I was just searching for a product to alleviate my stiff neck and shoulders.  One time, I happened to notice the bracelet that my friend was wearing.  The design was also suitable for men.  After inquiring about the bracelet, I purchased a necklace and bracelet.  After wearing the products, the stiffness felt previously was greatly improved, at night I find that it is easier for me to relax and fall asleep allowing me to wake up and work more efficiently the next day.

Miss Wu

The bracelet is very light and easy to clean, a very low maintenance product and every easy to mix and match colors.  I wear it 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!  After wearing the bracelet, I dream less during sleep and am able to reach a deeper sleep and wake up without fatigue.  Also, when working out I am sweating more and in winter, my cold hands and feet has decreased.

Miss Su

Due to work, I often feel pain and discomfort in my right hand.  The first few days wearing the product caused a numbness in my right hand.  After contacting the company and learning that this may be due to poor circulation in my right hand, I continued to wear the product.  After a while, the pain and discomfort in my right hand slowly dissipated.  Now, after wearing the bracelet for the past 2 years, I rarely feel discomfort in my right wrist!

Miss Chen

I sincerely recommend Artificer’s bracelet.  In addition to being practical, it can reduce electromagnetic interference damage to protect our bodies, and can also be easily matched with your daily outfits!  As a mother, I love using the product and also let my 11-year-old daughter use the product.  The cute children’s styles truly hit home with them.  As electronics and tech accessories flood our everyday lives, early protection from the risks to our children is a priority!

Miss Huang

For some time, I was suddenly experiencing a numbness of my left toe.  A friend introduced me to the brand’s bracelet and after wearing it for about two to three months, my numbness was greatly improved.  Also, since the product is comfortable and with good aesthetics, I immediately gave everyone in my family one to wear, hoping to share with them my experience of better health and style.

Mr. Wu

Previously, I used another brand’s energy necklace.  Not only did I not feel much effect, the product was not durable with much color fading and the more I wore the product the more the paint faded.  Then my wife recommended Artificer’s bracelet to me.  At first, my expectations were low, but having worn the bracelet for a few days, I noticed that my body recovered faster than before.  Currently, I’ve been wearing the bracelet for almost two years, not only is there no color fading, the product still looks very complete with not much wear, and there is no odor left on the product from sweat.  I really like Artificer’s bracelet.  Thank you for being such a great brand in Taiwan, and look forward to more products from you!

Miss Chen

Initially I was attracted by the look of the bracelet my friend wore.  After finding out that it also had health benefits, I bought one to try it for myself.  Upon wearing it, I felt like a switch in my body had been turned off and all the discomfort I was feeling throughout my body was gone.  My mood was much better and I was able to face the daily pressures of life.  Also, since the bands of the bracelet are silicone, I can wear it even when I run and workout–very convenient!  Mood, health and quality of life have all been improved.  Although at first, it felt like a small investment, but know that it’s very much worth it!!

Miss Yan

When I was pregnant, I didn’t sleep very well.  But after wearing Artificer’s bracelet, my sleep was more stable and was not prone to waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep.  After giving birth, my metabolism was very good.  Living in a busy city where electronic products are everywhere, the bracelet allows my body to feel balanced and stable.  Even my kids are wearing Artificer Kid’s bracelets, not only will it protect them from electromagnetic interference, the design of the bracelets are so cute, they love them!

Miss Guo

Many years ago, my first experience with negative ion products was from a Japanese company.  To be honest, I wore it mostly for the peace of mind.  Over a year ago, I heard about Artificer products from a friend and out of curiosity, I tried their negative ion bracelet.  I actually didn’t feel any difference until I started to weight train.  Since I’m right handed, my left is naturally weaker and when lifting weights with my left arm, I’m not able to do too many reps.  So, during a workout one time I suddenly switched the bracelet to my left hand and was able to complete even more reps.  At that moment, I discovered this magical benefit!

Mr. Lin

Five or six year ago, I started to suffer from Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.  At its worst, putting on and taking off my shirt or even driving was very difficult.  Not only was it very uncomfortable, but was also an inconvenience in my everyday life.  I underwent physical therapy for a year and using Chinese medicine treatments with no significant improvement.  Then my daughter gave me a necklace and bracelet.  With a “try and see” attitude, I began to wear the products for a year.  At the end of the same year, I unintentionally realized that I was about 90% recovered from my Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.  Asides my joy and surprise, I honestly cannot really tell when this change occurred.  Even now, I continue to wear the products and have not felt even the slightest discomfort to my shoulder.

Miss Cai

In the past, I’ve always been skeptical of energy bracelets and necklaces.  Due to the fatigue felt from work, I decided to buy one.  After wearing it just twice and feeling uncomfortable, I took it off and left it to collect dust in storage.  I was first attracted to Artificer by it’s simple and elegant designs.  Then after using the product, the poor sleep quality that I always experienced was much improved.  During sleep, I was able to sleep much more deeply and was able to get the maximum amount of rest.  Health is a combination of diet, exercise and sleep all in balanced amounts.  I can very honestly say that the product is not a “magical pill” but Artificer allows me to gain more positive energy.

Miss Hu

My first experience with this product was in the winter of 2013.  I was attracted by its understated elegance, very appealing and offers health benefits, a very worthwhile item!  At that time, I had developed a ganglion cyst on my left index finger.  I had visited the doctors and was preparing to have it removed via minor surgery.  But miraculously, after starting to wear the bracelet, the ganglion cyst which has bothered me for quite some time had started to disappear.  After experiencing this, I was totally convinced and from that point on, whenever I’m with friends, I always recommend it!

Miss Du

Having been a flight attendant for over 10 years, jet lag during long flights were easy to cope with.  After turning 30, every time after a long flight, I would start to experience neck and shoulder pain and soreness.  I’ve tried many other brand’s bracelets and waist supports but all were just accessories with no effect.  Then a friend introduced me to Artificer and after wearing the product for a month.  Not only did I notice that my discomfort and pain was gone but also noticed that I was more alert at work.  One point about the product is that while traditional brands offer benefits over style, now I don’t need to worry about this problem!  I hope that Artificer products can break into other international markets so that even more people can get to experience a great product from Taiwan.


I’m very thankful to my friend for introducing me to Artificer.  I’ve been wearing the Rhythm bracelet for about three years and love it’s simple and fresh design style.  When wearing it, you can clearly feel the materials are not harmful to the body and can help regulate the body’s systems.  As a mother of a 1 year old, I am always very aware of what I have on and wearing on my person and whether it’s safe for my child.  When she touches or puts something into her mouth, will I be able to make sure that thing is safe.  Artificer products are my number one choice when I go out as the silicone material is a medical grade level and has passed EU safety standards allowing peace of mind to all that wear their products.  Sincerely hope that this health jewelry brand from Taiwan can let even more people feel the benefits so that more people around the world can come to know and love them!

Miss Wang

I’m used to sleeping on my left side which causes my left shoulder to feel sore.  After my friend recommended Artificer to me and after wearing the product, I felt that the soreness in my left shoulder improved a lot.  In addition, during yoga classes, I noticed that I had more strength in my arms.

Ms. Chien

Artificer packaging is exquisite, with beautiful styling, many color choices, easily matches wardrobe, light and comfortable.  Suffering from sore wrists and shoulders for some time, after wearing Artificer’s health bracelet, I felt better endurance during exercise, recovery was faster and sleep quality was much better than ever before.  Besides using it for myself, I have offered Artificer’s health bracelets as gifts.  Giving the gift of health to friends and family is the best gift of all!

Mr. Hsu

I am a pilot and captain of an airline company.  Many years ago, in order to stay healthy, I started to be crazy about working out.  Still quite young, I never thought that I needed to use any type of product to help me!  After a friend’s recommendation, I began to very skeptically “try” Artificer’s sports necklace.

To be honest, at the beginning, I didn’t really know what functions the product offered.  One time, due to the onset of plantar fasciitis, the pain was so bad that I had to take a taxi for just a short 200 meter distance.  Suddenly, I had the idea of wrapping the necklace around my ankle.  Like magic, after about 30 minutes, the pain due to the plantar fasciitis disappeared!  And there was no discomfort whatsoever!  This is when I began to really feel it’s incredible hidden power!

I’m currently 50 years old and cycling Taiwan island.  Previously, my hands were sore from training.  Now already into the sixth day of the cycling tour and my hands feel no soreness at all.  I know deep down that this is the magical powers of the product and I am convinced that “IT” is truly the long lost treasure!

All the feedback above were received from user’s actual real-life experiences.  Artificer products are not medical product with no therapeutic effects.  If you suffer from long term soreness, sleep disorders or other symptoms.  Please seek professional medical assistance.